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Today I wanted to deal with a post far to many people can relate to. Anxiety. Anxiety is defined as a feeling worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome. I know that for many people today anxiety can feel chronic and all consuming. I hope today’s post shares tips that can help reduce that feeling for you a bit or help you work through it.

Without further ado here we go:)……


lavender*Eat enough carbohydrates. Carbs are our brains’ preferred source of fuel and when you don’t get enough of them it can start to affect your mood. If you are used to low carbohydrate dieting start with smaller portions and work your way up. That is almost guaranteed to make you feel better!

*Drink lavender or chamomile tea. When you are feeling particularly anxious these teas can be extremely helpful. If you don’t like the taste of tea try adding almond milk and/or a teaspoon of Manuka Honey or Blackstrap Molasses.

*Try focusing on complex carbs (yams, quinoa, rice, etc.) or balance your simple sugars with a protein or fat. Having balanced blood sugar is a big deal when it comes to dealing with anxiety. The last thing most people would want here is feeling energetic then crashing over and over again on top of being anxious.

*Eat enough. It is critical to eat enough when feeling anxious or overwhelmed. Not only will this help your body deal with the additional stress but it will help you avoid emotional eating or emotional under eating.


*Try meditation. I know how hard meditation is for most people. I am like the worst at mediation. My mind is always racing. However, it can be as easy as going outside for three deep breaths first thing in the morning and/or doing a five minute guided meditation off YouTube.

*Try to mix up your high intensity workouts with more mindful exercises like yoga, tai chi or Pilates.

*Use lavender or peppermint essential oils throughout the day to calm and ground you.

*If you struggle with being motivated to wake up in the morning try having your favorite breakfast waiting for you in the fridge. If you struggle with getting to sleep do some mediation and gentle yoga twists before bed.

*Talk with someone. There is huge power in getting things out. A lot of the times anxiety is bottled up fear that can be lessened or alleviated by speaking with others.

*Write. I love songwriting but you can do whatever like. Some examples are writing poems, journals, songwriting, or keeping a diary. I LOVE to write because its the one place I can release everything without once worrying that the page will judge you.

*Try taking baths. However, not just any baths. Put on some great music, light candles, make a slushy with blended fruit and ice to eat and add rosewater/lavender essential oil to the water. Now that my friends is relaxing!:)

I really hope this helps you out!

Let me know, what helps you deal with anxiety? Which of these will you try?


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