Hey guys!

Today I wanted to share one of my favorite post workout drinks. It is so important to feed your body natural anti-inflammatory ingredients when you complete a workout. Despite being amazing for your body working out is still a stress. If you feed your body the right ingredients post workout it can help you recover faster, therefore helping you be ready for your next workout faster!

The Perfect Post Workout Drink:

~16oz. Iced Green Tea

~ TBS. Turmeric Powder            Success

~ 1 Scoop BCAA’s (Preferably a brand that has natural ingredients like MRM or Clean Machine)

All you have to do is mix these ingredients in a shaker bottle and you are good to go!


*The green tea helps with fat burning and has tons of antioxidants.

*The turmeric helps with reduce inflammation which is key post workout.

*Lastly, the BCAA’s help with muscle growth and repair while the coconut water powder helps replenish electrolytes.

Let me know if you try this recipe in the comments. Now tell me…

What do you like to drink post workout?






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